the gentrification of oakland is a non-traditional print based newspaper which investigates the current gentrification taking place in oakland. the goal of the print is to present the narrative of gentrification through the words of the communities experiencing it. the newspaper pairs the vivid imagery of gentrification, and the communities effected, along with quotes from interviews conducted on the streets of oakland. by interviewing all members affected or causing gentrification you’re able to hear the raw emotions of the situation that is playing apart in many cities across the united states. we gave the community the chance to voice their opinions on the topic of gentrification. instead of writing our own thoughts and narratives we wanted the people living in these communities to be able to write their narrative based on our interviews conducted with them. (all quotes are kept anonymous to protect the identities of the interviewees)

16 pages

full color 

ink on high bright newspaper

duo project that includes photography by shayyan ahmad